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Clean Driving


In the context of a crisis in spending power, Eco-Driving or Clean-Driving here is an interesting method for driving. Clean-Driving is an ecological, smooth driving method that enables you to save on up to 30% of gas.

Thus, the Eco Driving method presented below will allow you to make savings on gas while protecting the planet.

It doesn't cost you anything since it leads you to save on time, money, pollution and stress.

Therefore, I suggest the Clean Driving method, which will help improve your driving style, that you can download as a PDF file or in presentation form using the links below (right click and save under), or in the form of articles. Happy reading!

Download Clean Driving in PDF format
Download Clean Driving in Powerpoint presentation format

Road in America

Picture found on http://www.flickr.com/photos/denemiles/4195859328/

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