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Eat less meat

Eat less meat

Eat less meat for several reasons. The first is that 100 grams of meat a day is more than sufficient for an adult. And yet, the average American person eats much more than 36.525 kilos of meat a year : 88 kilos a year. Too much meat means a poor diet, heart problems, etc.

Eat less meat. Follow the Cretan diet that is composed of vegetables, fruits, and olive oil: it's tasty, inexpensive, good for health, and ecological. And fewer animals suffer as a result of it.

Go from 90 kilos of meat a year (of which 20 is chicken meat) to 40 kilos per person (of which 20 is from chicken), which remains an acceptable ration of meat. If we assume an average price of $10.00 per kilo, this represents 50 kilos of meat saved for each people, which mean $2,000 in savings per year for a household of four adults and teenagers.

Do you know it? Every time you eat 1 kg of chicken, it's equivalent to pollute as much as traveling 20 km by car, and that 1 kg of another type of meat pollutes as much as 50 km in average (50 to 100km/kg for beef; 150km/kg for veal, but less for pork) - indeed, livestock farming pollutes a lot because of the energy needed for the cultivation of crops for animal feed and the methane-rich flatulence of animals - we will go from 3900 to 1400 km per person, i.e. pollution savings equivalent to 10 000 km traveled by car per year for a family of four.

Another advantage of reducing meat consumption is that since producing 1 kilo of chicken requires 2 kilos of grain, 1 kg of pork requires 4 kg, and 1 kg of beef requires 8 kg, eating less meat would therefore help fight the current cereal shortage and improve the current food crisis while fighting the killing of livestock by the food industry.

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