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Roundup, an hazardous weed killer


What do you think of a weedkiller that, while effective, is expensive and harmful for the environment? It's called Roundup.

What do you think of such a product when another is available, one that is eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, non-carcinogenic and cheaper than Roundup, just as effective and available to everyone?

Isn't this just too good to be true? No - it's called boiling water. If you pour boiling water on a plant, it will die. But, unlike Roundup, which kills everything, target only the plants that you wish to eliminate with boiling water.

Optimize the production of boiling water

To heat water quickly and minimize heat losses, boil water in large pressure cookers. Set 4 pressure cookers at time intervals of several minutes apart. Once the first cooker is done, deal with your garden. Once you have used up the water from the first cooker, fill it up again with more water and set it to boil once again. Then get the boiled water from the second cooker and so forth, until your entire garden has been weeded.

How much this costs

Other than the cost of buying a pressure cooker, the other costs include energy for heating water and the water itself.


At an average price of $4.00 per m3 - for instance- for potable water, 10 liters costs $0.04. With rainwater, the costs would be even lower.


Suppose that water is naturally at 10°C. Thus, in order to heat 10 liters of water to 100°C, we would require 900 000 calories (10 000mL*(100°C-90°C)*1 calorie), or 1.05 Kw/h. Assuming an efficiency of 80%, we would require 1.31 Kwh. Given the current electricity prices (20c Kwh), this amounts to $0.26 with an electric boiler. In terms of gas prices, it would be about $0.20.

Even in cases where 50 liters of boiling water are required (for example), it would cost $1.50 at the very most ($0.20 for the water and $1.30 for the electricity). Of course, boiling water produces about 2 kg of co2 (burning of gas) or 3 kg of co2 (heating water with electricity, 1 kwh = 637g of co2 in USA and 500 in th UK in 2008), i.e. equivalent to the pollution emitted from the production of a single beef patty (2 kg of co2/100grams of meat). Now is this amount of pollution excessive compared to that associated with Roundup?

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