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Simple ways of becoming more eco-friendly


Whether it is because they are finding it hard to pay their energy or water bills, or whether it is simply out of ecological awareness, more and more people are looking for ways of reducing energy and raw materials wastage.

While there is no miracle solution to the problem (for example, replacing low efficiency light bulbs with low energy ones that contain mercury, etc.), there are some simple things that you can do to act more ecologically and rationally.

Tips and tricks to become more eco-friendly

What's good to know

The closer you are to someone, the more easily affected you are. For example, if something serious happens to a friend, we would be more concerned than if the same thing happened to a stranger at the other side of the world. The same applies in ecology: we tend to waste things more easily when we are not aware of or do not realize it.

Here are some simple ways of saving energy and money.

The car

Keep the indicator of real-time fuel consumption on when driving. You will discover that, unless you are rich or enjoy polluting, you will eventually change your driving style in order to reduce your real-time and therefore your overall consumption, either consciously or unconsciously.

If you don't have a dashboard computer, fill up your tank completely, set your meter to zero, and check the distance traveled when the fuel gage indicates 3/4 tank, half tank, etc. The next time you fill up the tank, divide the amount of gas put in by the distance traveled in order to calculate your average fuel consumption.


Put the stopper in place before taking a shower. Empty the bathtub once you have finished. By simply placing a stopper, you will become aware of the huge quantity of water that is being consumed and thus unconsciously reduce the flow rate in your shower. Personally, my water consumption is reduced by half whenever I put the stopper in place.


One of these days, take the time to listen to the noise that your gas meter or your boiler makes, and imagine the incredible amount of gas that is consumed just to heat your home. Or, after taking a shower, listen to the noise that your water heater makes in order to heat some more water and think about the amount of co2 emissions associated with this... This will raise your awareness of what it takes for us to enjoy our little daily comforts... and the amount of energy that is wasted unnecessarily from day to day.

If you know of other tips and tricks, feel free to contact us.

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