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Keep cool - Clean Driving


The Clean Driving method consists in driving in a efficient manner so as to reduce pollution, the risk of having an accident, money spent on maintenance and gas, save on time and benefit from increased comfort. There's nothing miraculous about it.

My basic advice can be put into practice very simply and won't take you more than 15 minutes or so at the very most.

Always make allowances

You: When you take the car, always make an allowance of 10 to 15 minutes. This way, you can take it easy when driving without having to worry about being late, and driving more calmly means a lower accident risk, less pollution and less money spent.

Driving at 65 km/h in town instead of at 50 only saves you less than 50 seconds on a 3 kilometer journey. Would you really want to kill a pedestrian just to gain 50 seconds? Driving at 140 km/h instead of at 120 on the freeway will save you 15 minutes on a 200 kilometer journey at the very most. But that means consuming a lot of gas and having to fork out $203 for wanting to save 15 minutes…

You can always bring a newspaper to read if you arrive too early for your appointment. Bring stuff that you like in your car: food, (non-alcoholic) drinks, music, etc. Your car shouldn't just be a means of transportation; it should also be a place where you can relax; a place like home.

Given that stress is bad for you (health problems, states of anxiety, etc.), your business (reduced productivity, conflicts with colleagues and bosses) and your family, keep cool when driving, and everyone stands to benefit.

Car pooling

Adopt the Zen attitude

Pamper yourself: your car is your second "home": Music, Food, Scents, interior decor… Drive the Zen way in your car. When you get stuck in a little jam, don't sound your horn. Enjoy the weather or send out text messages when you are at a complete standstill, and you won't even notice the time lost. Be friendly: welcome people into your car, help hitchhikers in need, let pedestrians cross (especially since cars should stop to give way to pedestrians in the absence of pedestrian lights), or give way to a car on its way out from a parking lot since everyone is being held up 50 meters ahead anyway.

Initial assessment

Your car is comfy, consumes about 10% less than before, you are warmer towards others and pedestrians. You practice Zen driving without running the risk of being late. You undergo less stress and live happier. After having read this article, would Pangloss from Voltaire's Candide be right in saying that we live in the best possible of worlds? No. This is only the start of the Clean-Driving method. Once you have assimilated the method, you will understand:

- How to save up to 80% on gas
- Go on restaurant outings or vacations more often (using gas savings)
- Waste less time on transport
- Limit your accident risk
- Limit your stress level. There is no point in adding stress from driving to the stress of work.
- Keep a smile on your face
- Respect nature

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