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10 simple rules for EcoDriving.

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Here are 10 simple tips and tricks for ecological driving

1) Get rid of all unnecessary stuff that is weighing your car down, like your shopping in the trunk. The lighter your car, the less it consumes.

2) Remove the roof rack once you don't need it anymore. That's up to 8% of savings in fuel.

3) Inflate your tires well and check the pressure, preferably at least once a month.

4) Leave early and be cool when driving . You'll be less tense when driving, which makes for fuel savings.

5) Go easy on the accelerator. Drive calmly without making any sudden accelerations.

6) Anticipate. If you see a jam or a red light, let up on the accelerator and "engine brake". Meanwhile, if the light turns green, you will be gaining time compared to the line of cars halted next to you since you will still have some speed.

7) Drive more slowly. By driving at 70 mph instead of 80, you will only lose 11 minutes of a 100 kilometer journey, whilst saving an average of 15 to 20% on fuel. In other words, with a mileage of 25 MPG and a fuel price of $4/gallon, you could save up to $3.20 for those 11 minutes lost ($17.45 per hour)

8) Obviously, driving always results in pollution. Reduce the amount of pollution by driving only when it is really necessary. At other times, take the train or the bus.

9) If public transport is really not to your liking, car pool. A trip from Los Angeles to San Fransisco in a 4-person Prius implies that about 48 grams of co2 are released every mile and per person, which means 19 kilos of co2 for the 395 miles trip. A lone driver in an SUV pollutes just as much by traveling 48 miles to and from work. And if you share out the costs with your fellow car poolers, it's almost 4 times less expensive for you. To find out more, read the article on car pooling

10) Last of all, if you want to go the extra mile, drive a modest car, compensate your co2 emissions, or even drive using oil instead of diesel. However, don't drive using ethanol, which is not as green a biofuel as it seems, and the cultivation of which is carried out at the expense of other food crops.

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