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Ways to keep cool in your car

Driving with the air conditioning on gives rise to an overconsumption of 25 to 35% in town and 10 to 20% in extra-urban areas. This gives rise to increased fuel consumption, which means money lost and increased pollution in terms of co2 emissions as well as refrigerant leaks.

To keep your car cool, remember to
-Park in a shady spot whenever possible
-Place an aluminum sun shade on your windshield to limit the temperature rise in your car.
-Open the windows to release the heat from the car's interior before switching on the air conditioning; this is more economical and allows the interior to cool down more quickly than if the air conditioning was switched on right away.
-Set the temperature to 7 to 9°F (4°C to 5°C) lower than that outside.
-Lastly, how about leaving your windows open while driving? Of course, unlike the use of air conditioning, this won't lower the temperature of your car interior, but you will feel pleasantly cooler thanks to the incoming air, and the overconsumption of fuel associated with open windows is not as significant as that from the use of air conditioning.

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