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Managing your engine

Engine speed

Always drive in the appropriate gear and don't wait before moving up a gear; do it as soon as possible in order to consume less gas. While under-revving is not ideal, it is sometimes preferable to over-revving: it is better to take the risk of changing gears early rather than wait until the engine roars.

N.B: This does not apply when going uphill. When going up a steep slope, just like a cyclist, use the gears adapted for going uphill (second or third), which will pollute less than the fourth gear, for example.

Switch off your engine if possible

If you know how long a particular light remains red, and if it lasts for more than 30 seconds, it may be worth switching off the engine and turning it back on only when the light turns green. If you encounter an obstacle for a long period, it is preferable to switch off your engine.

Choose an appropriate speed

When in town and your speed constantly changes, it is better to remain in third gear, which consumes less gas. However, if you can stay at 50 km/h for long periods at a stretch, use the fourth gear as it is consumes even less gas.

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