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Conclusion - clean driving

Clean Driving is not just a driving method, but a Utopian ambition, one that aims for us all to live in a more serene and economical world of driving... Given the high barrel prices, we have been presented with a remarkable opportunity to change our way of life. Since gas is more expensive than before, we should spend less money on fuel(!) thanks to smooth driving, car pooling, etc.

Thanks to Clean-Driving, you can easily consume 30% less fuel and increase your spending power while protecting the planet. This percentage can go up to 80% if you resort to biofuels, car pooling, public transport and limit the use of your car as much as possible.

If every one of the 30 million English cars were driven in this manner, and at a rate of 13 000km per vehicle annually and 8 liters per 100 km (29 mpg), that's some 364 liters per car (96 gallons), or $819 saved, in other words the cost of a trip to Morocco, 45 CDs, or 15 restaurant meals. It's up to you to decide what you enjoy most.

Médina in Morocco
A Moroccan Medina that you could visit using the Clean Driving method

On a UK scale, Clean Driving represents:

-7.8 billion liters that will not be burned, i.e. 49 million barrels
-A petroleum bill that is reduced by 4.41 billion dollars, or 3.27 billion euros (figures on October 8, 2008)
- Enough to provide 1 billion meals, and to provide food for free to 5 million poor people during the winter...
-23 million tones less of co2 emitted by cars, i.e. the weight of 3000 Eiffel towers or the weight of 5 Cheops pyramid...

Finally, it represents some 17.6 billion dollars (1 liter = $2.25) that will not be spent by consumers at gas stations, i.e. the equivalent of the wealth of a city of 400 000 inhabitants.

Therefore, Clean Driving is a new method that will enable the revival of spending power and job creation, while reducing the amount of pollution in the atmosphere and therefore the destruction of the environment as well as the number of cases of respiratory diseases. Thanks to a cool driving attitude, many road deaths can also be prevented.

Therefore, Clean Driving is synonymous with ecology, economy, job creation, road safety, conviviality (car pooling, courtesy on the road) and the Zen attitude.

N.B: If my advice has enable you to drive more serenely, save some money and protect nature (even just a little), please feel free to make a donation to the website and help it grow, and/or suggest ways of improving this method. You may also choose to express your gratitude via our partner websites.

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