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Hiking and backpacking

Hiking and backpacking are ecological sport activities since neither involves anything but walking in a natural environment, the only pollution resulting from the journey being the wear and tear of shoes. So don't make too many journeys to go on walking trips. Take the opportunity to admire nature, exercise, and unwind.

Hiking track at Fontainebleau
Hiking track at Fontainebleau, a huge forest near Paris (France)

A couple that hikes about 100 kilometers from home generates 16 kg of co2 per person in a day's walk. If you are headed somewhere far off, use the car pooling option. Walking as a group of 4 in this example reduces pollution levels to 8 kg per person, and the setting will be all the more convivial (the more the merrier...).

p>Otherwise, if you are traveling far, choose to stay in the same place for several days. As it is, going on a weekend trip 4 to 80 km from home gives rise to 25.6 kilos of co2 emissions, that is, 3.2 kg per person and per day...

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