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Cut down on packaging


Packaging, especially for food products, can be found everywhere. Try not to resort to such packaging by asking yourself how you can consume less in the first place. For example:

> Drink tap water instead of bottled water. If you need to, filter tap water in special filter jugs, or even with reverse osmosis water purifiers for those of you who can afford it. For a family of four where each person drinks 1 liter of water at home a day for 45 weeks in a year, and assuming that they drink out of 1 liter bottles, each weighing 30 grams, that's some 38 kilos of plastic saved each year. At a rate of $0.56 per liter of mineral water versus $0.14 for filtered water, the savings amount to $532 per year; in addition, you'll be less tired from transporting those packs of water. To find out more, take a look at plastic packaging consumption.

> Choose products that come in bulk packaging. In terms of proportion, the bigger the packaging, the smaller the packaging/product weight ratio. For example, if you like having coke in the 50 cl format, buy these small sized bottles first, then subsequently only 2 liter bottles. Once you have finished the coke in the 50 cl bottles, you just have to clean them so that they can be refilled with more coke.

> Choose fresh produce, which is better for health and has less packaging than industrially made products

Choose your packaging well

When you buy a packaged product, choose recyclable ones: look for eco-packaging.

The end of a packaging's life

Lastly, once you are left with the packaging, you could:

> Recycle it. Empty jars that once contained mustard or mayonnaise can be recycled as jam jars, or as drinking glasses if the design and packaging type are suitable.

>Dispose of it. Proper sorting to allow easy recycling of products is eco-friendly: rinse glass bottles and place them into the recycling bin without their caps...

Happy shopping :-)

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