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Green business

Whether we like it or not, the "green" business is set for a very bright future. The wind energy market is growing at an annual rate of 30%, and that of solar energy at 50%. But it's still not enough if we want to meet the objectives of the Kyoto treaty. In light of this, the French state has decided to make it compulsory for EDF to buy back 1 Kwh of solar electricity for $0.84 (as opposed to a sale price of $0.14 per Kwh of electricity to private individuals on average) and has been promoting tax cuts. In one financial documentary, a businessman described the solar business as having expanded by 10 times within a year and a half in provincial areas.

Makati, Green Business, Philippines
Green Business

Whether you're into selling equipment or auditing companies and households, wherever you want to invest, there are many good times to come for the green business because of high energy prices and carbon tax policies that may be imposed by Kyoto on businesses in future. Another example of green business: this very website Be-Ecolo.com, which generates money thanks to the advertising on ecological themes.

Picture founded on http://www.flickr.com/photos/markbernal/724951203/

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