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How to become eco-friendly?

To become eco-friendly, all you have to do is think about the 3 Rs : Reduce, reuse, recycle. Whether it is about waste, transportation or food, we can always apply the 3 Rs. Demonstration:



1) Don't buy bulk quantities of fresh produce on sale anymore.

2) Start with smaller servings at mealtimes to avoid throwing out food; you can always have seconds later.

3) Buy products that have less packaging to reduce waste associated with packaging materials. Choose home water filters (e.g. in jugs) over bottled water.

4) use a shopping bag or a recyclable bag instead of plastic bags. Use corn starch-based trash bags instead of plastic ones.


1) Use up leftovers to create new meals, especially thanks to recipes from the website Marmiton (in French only)

2) Reuse jars of mustard and mayonnaise for containing mustard.

3) Empty ice cream tubs can be used to store things, such as freezer bags, for example.


1) Give leftovers to the dog, or recycle them (composting)

2) Place recyclable products into the appropriate containers

3) Recycle objects by finding new uses for them. Once emptied and cleaned, a can will make a fine pencil holder.

But on the whole, the 3R method is a way of thinking. For example:

-It means that it is preferable to repair something rather than buy a new replacement, even if it costs just as much, because repairing a broken bicycle, for instance, generally requires fewer spare parts than acquiring a new bicycle.

-Rent rather than buy things that we don't often use (e.g. evening gowns or prom dresses, lawnmowers, video cameras, etc.). Thus, renting a bicycle such as the Velib if you travel in Paris avoids having to purchase 10 bicycles and therefore results in raw material savings.

-Recycle: old T-shirts can be used as rag cloths or dusters. If the waste management facility is too far away, burn boxes in your fireplace. Recycle organic waste as compost

-Oil used for deep-frying: you can contact the website Oliomobile (in French to find someone who will come and get it from you...to be recycled and used as vehicle fuel.

-Instead of throwing things out, consider giving them away to friends or associations like Emmaus, or even selling them for next to nothing on eBay.

-As for technological waste (old hard disks, old USB flash drives), pass them on to someone going to a poor country: the people there would be delighted to have USB flash drives that we consider to be obsolete, even though they were the latest models just two years ago.

Be-ecolo recommends the following website Traduction Ink

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