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Refill your printer cartridges!!!

The printer market is an unusual one, in which the manufacturers offer ultra competitive prices, often (or always?) at a loss; they then make up for it with the sale of cartridges. But don't fall for this trick and instead, choose printers that may be more expensive but use refillable cartridges. A cartridge that costs 40 to 70 dollars contains only a few cents' worth of ink... The rest is electronic stuff... and profit margin.

Exercise. Person A wants to buy a printer for his/her personal use. He/She estimates that a printer lasts 4 years. He/She usually buys 5 cartridges per year at $40 each.

If person A buys printer A costing $100 + 5 cartridges per year, it will cost he/she $860 over 4 years (the first cartridge being supplied with the printer at the time of purchase)

Even if an ecological printer is more expensive, whereas if he/she buys the rather more expensive (e.g. $200) printer E (as in ecological), then buys one ink cartridge every 5 refills, where each refill costs $10, the total cost of the printer comes to... $390 in all.

Which is cheaper, better, and more ecological... Nonetheless, make sure that you save paper to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Save paper

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