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Editorial of Be-Ecolo


Everyone is talking about ecology at the moment. Politically correct and necessary to save or reduce the damage to our planet, it is our duty to act ecologically and think sustainable development.

The real facts

The common mindset is headed in the good direction, but let's be frank: are you ready to pay more to pollute less or be more eco-friendly? Perhaps you might say yes. In practice, save a tiny minority, when given the choice between two identical products, most people would choose the less expensive one. And this is so even if the cheaper option involved more pollution than the more expensive product.

The concept

You're right. Why pay more for a product that has been manufactured according to ecological standards when you can get the same at a cheaper price? And while we're on the subject, why not spend less whilst polluting less? Perhaps you find my thinking Utopian or naive? And yet, Be-Ecolo was indeed created for such an objective. Ecomalin is about saving more while polluting less. For practical reasons, however, most of the effort on this website has been dedicated to the fight against co2 emissions, which is the main contributor to global warming.

The philosophy on Be-Ecolo

a) The methodology

Here on Be-Ecolo, we're not saying that we must return to the stone age or invest in millions of dollars to achieve such a goal, but we're here to give some elementary advice on saving money, time, reducing pollution, etc. In plain language, we're talking about "consuming better". We don't claim to cover every single subject on Ecomalin and if you know other tips and tricks for polluting and spending less, please feel free to contact me.

b) Recommendations

To facilitate the transition to an eco-lifestyle, Be-Ecolo recommends that you take just a few of the simplest steps and keep up with them until they become automatic reflexes, then, little by little, carry out more and more of the advice on this website, starting from the simplest to the most advanced.

c) Ecomalin's ultimate aim

If all the American carried out the advice given on Ecomalin, that is, to "consume better (and eventually more) while polluting less", we could, in all modesty, save at least more than $300 billion dollars in US a year, i.e. more than $4.000 per four-person household. Lastly, we could save 700 million barrels of oil using the Clean Driving method alone, that is, 6 months worth of exports from Saudi Arabia, which is the largest producer and exporter of oil. Happy surfing on Be-Ecolo.

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