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Save paper

"No ads" stickers

The idea is a very simple one: every household receives several kilos' worth of junk mail, i.e. unaddressed print ads, in its mailbox; these ads generally end up in the bin without ever being read.

A simple idea for reducing such waste is to place a sticker on your mailbox that reads "Ads? No thanks".

Of course, some people will still ignore the sticker, but most will respect your wishes and thus help save paper.

Print only what is necessary

The idea behind this is very simple but efficient, especially when we realize that, according to a study, 1/6 of printed documents are never read. This ranges from the useless front page to documents that we simply don't take time to read, etc.

Therefore, print only the most important documents that will be read. To achieve this:
- Ban the printing of e-m@ils, unless they are very long.
- Print using small character sizes, e.g. 8-10, rather than size 16.
- With presentations, go for 6 or 8 slides per page. This will save 5/6 to 7/8 of paper.
- Print on both sides whenever possible.

Savings: Money, Time, and Environment

The back page is useful too

Try to print on both sides of the paper whenever possible.

If you can't do so for practical, technical or credibility reasons, use the back pages as rough paper once you are done with them. That's less paper that needs to be bought and fewer trees that need to be felled.

A good source of fuel

If you have too much paper, use it as fuel (or at the very least, kindling) in your fireplace instead of throwing it away. It's much more eco-friendly than using hydrocarbon-based starter cubes, and much cheaper too.

Save paper

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